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Venice Commission does not recognize the Crimea referendum15.03.14 15:07


The Council of Europe’s experts on the constitutional right have come to the conclusion that the Crimea referendum on annexation to Russia is illegal.

According to the conclusions of the Venice Commission, the Crimea referendum on annexation to Russia is unlawful.

Experts say, the conditions for holding the referendum do not correspond to democratic standards.

Sebastian Kurz informs, the official conclusion of the Venice Commission is to be published during March 21-22.

“There is nothing bad in direct democracy, however, it requires legal and democratic basis,” Kurz says.

He believes such basis does not exist, since the voting in Crimea is going to be held in an environment of intimidation.


The Ministry of Justice has petitioned the Venice Commission for an inspection of the Russia's government decisions concerning the military intervention in the Crimea territory. Alongside, the Ministry addressed Crimeans to boycott the referendum on March 16.


Джерело:  TV channel "24"
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