Перепичка на Майдане: известная Instagram-блогерша "попробовала" Киев

Популярная Instagram-блогерша попробовала киевскую перепичку
Популярная Instagram-блогерша попробовала киевскую перепичку / Instagram

Популярная Instagram-блогерша, которая скрывается за никнеймом Girleatworld побывала в Киеве и попробовала легендарную киевскую перепичку.

На своей странице в Instagram девушка опубликовала яркое фото с Майдана независимости в Киеве, на фоне которого она лакомилась знаменитой перепичка.

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Блогерша призналась, что побывала в Киеве еще прошлым летом, но тогда забыла опубликовать фото.

Она отмечает, что ей рекомендовали немало мест и блюд, которыми можно полакомиться в Киеве, но свой выбор она остановила таки на перепичке.

Kyivska Perepichka at Maidan (Independence Square) in Kyiv, Ukraine. I went to Kyiv last summer but somehow totally forgot to post this photo! There weren't many street food in Kyiv, but thanks to my Ukrainian followers' recommendations I managed to find what's possibly the city's only street food! You get this from a small window of a shop in central Kyiv, on Khmel'nyts'koho St 3 - you can find the exact location on google maps! It's just a short walk from Maidan. So what is Perepichka? it is a deep fried dough with simple sausage stuffed inside. Basically, a deep fried hot dog that you can eat on the go! They've been around since 1981 and is well-loved by locals in Kyiv. I heard the line can get quite long but I suppose I was lucky because there were only 5-6 people in front of me when I was there. During our time in Kyiv, we stayed at an apartment right next to the presidential residence just behind Maidan. It was quite an interesting experience having to go through layers of security just to get to our room, which was literally meters away from the gate, but I definitely felt very safe thanks to that :P This also means every time we need to get out of the apartment, we'd walk down Heroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotni Alley (Heroes of Heavenly Hundred). This street was lined up with somber memorials for fallen heroes of Euromaidan, a wave of civil unrest and protests as a result of deeply corrupt government. The protests lasted several months in the winter of 2013-2014. During that time, Maidan and its surrounding area were occupied by the opposition and became the center of activities surrounding the movement. Nearly 100 people were killed at the site when situation finally came to a head months later in what is now referred to as the 2014 Ukraine Revolution. This is where the name "Heroes of Heavenly Hundred" came from. Although it's far from over and the aftermath can still be seen til this day, I believe the lives of these individuals were not wasted on nothing - Euromaidan resulted in overthrowing of the said corrupt government. #GirlEatWorld #girleatukraine #KyivskaPerepichka #kyiv #ukraine #україна #КиївськаПерепічка #Київ #ShotOniPhone

Допис, поширений ️ Mel's Food & Travel log (@girleatworld)

Ранее блогерша уже публиковала "вкусные" фото со Львова и украинских Карпат.

So I've just realized that... I forgot to post the rest of my europe #girleatworld! I must be the most undisciplined instagrammer ever Anyways, I'll be resuming them in the coming days. . This is Syrniki (сирники) from our awesome breakfast spread at the Carphatian Mountain in #Ukraine. Syrniki is a very typical dish to have for breakfast in Ukraine, a small round pancake made of quark cheese mixed with flour, eggs and sugar then fried. We had them with homemade yogurt and berry jam - I just could not get enough of it. It's crispy on the outside, so creamy on the inside . What was very memorable for me was that EVERYTHING was made in the farm we were staying in. Milk came from their own cow, then from there they made yogurt and all kinds of cheese. They picked their own berries, collected eggs from their own chicken and even had a bee farm in the backyard from where they harvested their own honey. And it was the best honey we've ever had. . I know to some of you this might be a typical thing, but I had always lived in big metropolitan cities my entire life (Jakarta, Los Angeles and Singapore), that this was such a novelty for me. . PS: I'm trying a new thing where I will try to show the dish from another perspective - as how it's served. Because often I find that with traditional dishes like this it's difficult to do them justice by just holding them up in my hand. Swipe right to see! What do you think? . #сирники #syrniki #worldeats #shotoniphone #shotoniphone7plus #girleatworld #girleatukraine

Допис, поширений ️ Mel's Food & Travel log (@girleatworld)

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