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      Жінка витратила шалені гроші, щоб стати Барбі: фото

      6855 Читать новость на русском
      Офелія Ваніта копіює Барбі
      Офелія Ваніта копіює Барбі / Фото з Іnstagram

      Американка Офелія Ваніта витратила близько 32 тисячі доларів на операції, щоб стати схожою на ляльку Барбі.

      Як передає Daily Mail, 30-річна жінка витрачала гроші на ін'єкції ботокса і дермального наповнювача, а також різні косметичні процедури.

      Також Офелія зробила ринопластику, пластику сідниць та змінила форму грудей.

      Читайте також: Алкоголь та наркотики: художниця показала провокативну ляльку Барбі

      На цьому вона не планує зупинитися – жінка планує видалити ребра заради більш вузької талії.

      Офелія зізнається, що з дитинства любила грати з лялькою Барбі. А коли подорослішала, то вирішила бути схожою на неї.

      Twinsies ? (also loving my new 16.2mm circle lenses from @uniqso!)

      Допис, поширений Ophelia Vanity️Anime Barbie (@opheliavanity)

      Love my #cottoncandyhair! ?? I know I should just ignore any haters, but I'm only human (and an overly sensitive one at that!) so it does hurt me greatly ? ESP when they're ignorant of my struggles with a multitude of health issues. . I'm harassed or accused of Photoshop, though I've NO idea how to even use it. I do admit that half of my feed has been touched up with an app or filter though. The link on my bio leads to my FB fan page, where the majority of pics are 100% natural. Others will Photoshop until they're literally unrecognisable! Whereas plenty of people know or have hung out with me in person, as well as strangers coming up to ask "Are you Ophelia Vanity?" If you're still dubious, DM me and I'll spam you with a million unedited shots ? . Nonetheless, I'd still like to explain WHY I feel the need to edit certain parts. I've suffered from extremely low self-esteem my entire life, in addition to my other mental illnesses (PTSD, anxiety, depression, insomnia). 5-7 plastic surgery operations would literally change my life, but I can't even afford ONE at present. This may sound shallow or racist, but in no way is it meant to be! I've always been ashamed of my Asian side and features. I particularly hate my "flat face" and small, upturned nose with no bridge. Thankfully I have naturally large, double-lidded eyes. However, I wish the colour would be much lighter and noticeable though, which is why I either wear contacts to enhance or edit my irises to drastically brighten them. . The primary reason, however, is also by far the most personal & embarrassing for me. I suffer from hyper-thyroid and chronic Grave's Disease, which has sadly taken a HUGE toll on my health. The scariest symptom is loss of sight in my right eye, coupled by blurry/double vision. ? Grave's creates extra pressure and build-up behind the eyeball, causing it to bulge out. This makes my eyes appear "wonky" or uneven. I try my best to counteract that via makeup and edits, which I hope you guys have the compassion or empathy to understand. I apologise for the long post! I'm just tired of "hiding" and wanted to finally relay the truth. Thank you ??? #opheliavanity

      Допис, поширений Ophelia Vanity️Anime Barbie (@opheliavanity)

      Так Офелія виглядає без макіяжу та одягу ляльки Барбі:

      Ophelia Vanity

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      Джерело: 24 Канал
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